5 Common Wine Storage Problems Most Wine Lovers Face

5 Common Wine Storage Problems

The following blog post talks about the top 5 common wine storage issues most people face in in-house wine cellars in Australia and experts’ tips on how to resolve them.

Storing wines over time in the house is one of the biggest dreams of almost all wine lovers. But it’s been both a blessing and curse since wine was first produced. Initially, earthenware jars were used to store wines, but over time the concept has changed. With the invention of house wine cellars in Australia, wines can be stored for a long time at home without any hassles.

By installing a home wine cellar, you can build your own collection of precious wines at your place. All you’ll have to do is be sure about creating the ideal environment for storing wines for years and keeping them intact. Effective and safe wine storage over a long period is a blessing. But you must be sure about everything to defeat the common wine storage problems.

Let’s have a detailed discussion in the following blog.

What are the common wine storage problems in house wine cellars in Australia and how to resolve them?

Wines generally go bad in 1-2 days of storage. But you can avoid the wine storage curses by storing your wines in a safe environment.

Here’re the top 5 wine storage issues of house wine cellars in Australia,

1. Fluctuating cellar temperature:

One of the most common wine storage issues is temperature fluctuation in in-house wine cellars in Australia. The ideal temperature range for wine storage is 45o F. – 65o F. Hence, experts suggest storing your wines under 55o F. temperature would be ideal. But if the cellar temperature exceeds 70o F., it can cook your entire collection. On another hand, if the cellar temperature drops below the range, it can freeze your wines and damage the wine bottles.

One of the best ways to avoid it is to install a wine-cooling unit in your house cellar.

2. Too bright or too dim lighting:

It’s another common wine storage issue most people face with in-house wine cellars in Australia.

Neither too bright nor too dim lighting is good for wines. UV lights in house cellars can destroy the tannins in wines, leading them to get oxidised and age prematurely. On the other hand, too dim cellar lighting can result in bumping and unwanted accidents in the cellar.

To avoid it, experts suggest using LED lights with bright control features in the in-house cellar would be ideal.

3. Fluctuating cellar humidity:

Humidity is another vital fact about storing wines in house wine cellars in Australia. You must make sure that the humidity level of your house cellar is within 60% – 70%. It’ll ensure the long life of your wines by keeping their corks moist to maintain the tight seal of your wines. If the humidity level of the cellar exceeds over 70%, it can lead to mould formation in your wine storage and ruin the labels of your wines. If it drops below 60%, it can dry the corks out to let oxygen seep into your wine bottles and oxidise them.

Be sure to install a good climate control system in your wine cellar to avoid this issue.

4. Cellar security issues:

Aside from maintaining the ideal temperature, you should also keep your wine bottles safe in in-house wine cellars in Australia. Make sure to keep your precious wines safe from theft, accidental breakage and pilfering.

Besides installing a hard cellar door, you should also install motion sensor lights and/or a biometric lock system to increase cellar security.

5. Too much vibration around the cellar:

Too much vibration around the in-house wine cellars in Australia can disturb the sediment of your wines, causing a complex chemical reaction. Besides that, vibrations can also decrease the amount of succinic and tartaric acid in the wines and dull the flavour.

Choosing a spot with no or a little vibration (i.e., places far away from household appliances) for your house cellar will help you to avoid this.

Can’t decide how to avoid the common wine storage issues for your collection? Well, following the tips from wine cellar experts can keep your collection intact in house wine cellars in Australia. We hope this blog can help you.

Author Bio: The Author has years of experience in building many wine cellars in Australia. He’s also written many articles and blogs on the same.


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