9 Ways to Increase Facebook Followers and Engagement

9 Ways to Increase Facebook Followers and Engagement

Although creators are turning their attention to TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, Facebook is still crucial to today’s business world. By gaining more Facebook followers and engagement, you can make Facebook a reliable marketing source for your products.

More engagement and more Facebook followers with these 9 tips:

The more followers you have on Facebook, the more you interact with the site. Facebook prioritizes accounts with highly engaged communities, and the larger your domain, the more likely you are to promote your Page.

These easy-to-follow tips are great ways to increase your Facebook likes and followers so they are more likely to stay engaged with your page.

1. Do more of the most popular things:

Use Facebook Insights, a Facebook analytics tool, to find your most popular page ever. Facebook Insights (now part of Meta Business Suite) shows you which posts got you the most likes, comments, shares, and new followers. Compare the top ten or more to get the best charts. For example, your most popular posts might offer customers flash sales or short-term promotions.

Once you find appropriate content for your page, you can start creating more content to fill your Facebook calendar.

2. Create content people want to share:

Anyone on Facebook can share content to a public Page; so keeping everything shareable will give your Page the followers and engagement power you need. Memes and videos are shared frequently, especially if they are fairly easy to connect with the audience. Consider distributing this potential viral content a few times a week to give your content the best possible chance of engagement.

3. Start a Facebook group on your Page:

Facebook emphasizes the importance of community on its site. Page owners are encouraged to engage with their audience by responding to posts and messages. Creating a group based on your Page is another way to build a sense of community on Facebook.

The Facebook groups can connect you with people with similar interests, giving you the chance to introduce your business to people who are already interested. Go to the Facebook page and create a group for your page.

4. Acceptance of gifts:

Sweepstakes are easy to start on Facebook, giving you an easy way to reach audiences at the end of your giveaway without requiring a lot of admin work or marketing. Get occasional giveaways and let people who like your Facebook page participate. After the giveaway ends, encourage your followers to continue following and tag others who might want to follow them to receive information about future giveaways.

5. Encourage your fans to click on your page:

Whether your business is an e-commerce retailer or a brick-and-mortar retailer, create business cards or packages with your Facebook Page information; new customers know where to find your Page. Encourage them to follow your Page, tag your Page in photos they post with your products on Facebook, or leave a review to help other customers.

6. Cross Facebook Pages:

Add a Facebook follow button to your website so visitors can easily click and follow your Facebook page. You can also share links or QR codes on your page from Twitter, Instagram, and other sites.

7. Ask for Favors in Trade Agreements:

Create a popup on your website using the button to like your Facebook page. When a visitor likes it, offer a free coupon or special promotion for purchases on your website. This is similar to many companies that offer a discount code in exchange for an email address or phone number in exchange for a text message.

8. Promote your content with ads:

Facebook Ads provide a great opportunity to promote your Facebook Page to the people who are most interested in liking your Page on Facebook and engaging with your content. When you create an ad using Facebook (now Meta) Marketing Manager, you set up specific metrics to show your ad to people who are in the same location, have related interests, or have completed behaviors like liking a similar Facebook page.

9. Consider hiring a moderator:

Use someone to manage your Facebook account to keep engagement high. Your admin can respond to messages and post comments, share content on Facebook pages, and help you manage page branding, posts, and more. With regular interaction, you can ensure significant organic follower growth.

Start growing your Facebook followers today:

These tips apply to all business models and documents with accounts below and are simple enough to implement now or shortly. We also recommend checking out our Facebook help guide to learn more about scaling Facebook videos, using Facebook Live, Facebook ads, and other tips for growing your followers and relationships.

There is a way to increase your followers on Facebook that you can put on autopilot: Put a Facebook Follow button on your website or site. Visitors who like your content can follow you on Facebook with a simple click and keep up to date with all the news and information about your business.

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