A Cheat Sheet for Invisalign Lite Treatment

Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite is removable and clear aligner that helps in teeth straightening treatment. This orthodontic option is perfect for those who want teeth alignment treatment without anyone noticing or knowing it. Although, it is quite popular in dentistry not all orthodontic patients can opt for this treatment.

This blog covers up all the essential points regarding this buzz of orthodontic for you to make better decision. So, continue reading….

Defining Invisalign Lite

Just like other Invisalign treatments, it makes use of a set of removable and transparent aligners for straightening the teeth. This option is perfect to address minor and moderate conditions like spacing and crowding. Every patient needs to switch to next aligner in the set once in every 2 weeks for perfect position of the teeth.

In respect to conventional braces, this one is more pleasant and discrete. Based on the condition severity, Invisalign Lite can treat the issues within 6 months to 1 year. It enhances the smile by fixing a number of orthodontic problems including crossbites, underbites and overbites. Also, it extends its hand to promote the overall wellbeing of the patients at the same time.

However, this option is not ideal for all! As it can take moderate and minor orthodontic problems into account, patients with severe orthodontic conditions need a separate treatment. But before making any decision, it is advisable to consult with the dentist or an orthodontist to seek the most appropriate treatment.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign Lite is especially for treating mild and moderate orthodontic problems. Here’s how it works:

  • At first, you need to go for a consultation with the Invisalign provider for this treatment. They will assess if you are suitable for this option or not.
  • After that, if you come out as eligible the orthodontist takes dental impression of the teeth for creating 3D dental model.
  • Using that model they will make a customised treatment which will take the issues into account throughout the treatment procedure.
  • You will receive a set of removable and customised aligner for fitting the teeth.
  • At last you need to go for periodic dental checkups for regulating the progress making necessary adjustments, if required.

Invisalign Lite is not invasive and straighten the teeth efficiently. It serves as discreet and comfortable substitution of traditional braces. Before you undergo this treatment, consult with the orthodontist to check if you are ideal for it or not.

How to make most of Invisalign Lite

Here we mention how to reap maximum benefits from Invisalign Lite:

  • Use braces as per instruction

Just put on the aligner for long 20-22 hours each day for effective outcome.

  • Switch the aligner as needed

A set of aligners will be provided to put on during the entire treatment period. However, you have to switch the aligner as per the orthodontist’s instructions to continue the gradual shifting of the teeth.

  • Regularly clean the aligner

Use scent-free and anti-bacterial soap to clean the aligner. You can also make use of soft-bristled toothbrush for the prevention of accumulation of bacteria. It will keep the aligner fresh and clean.

  • Floss and brush daily

During the treatment, it is necessary to keep the gums and teeth healthy and clean. To ensure good condition of the gums and teeth, floss and brush once and twice a day respectively!

  • Refrain from certain drinks and food

Stop having stain-inducing edible items like dark berries, red wine, tea and coffee during the treatment period. It can stain the aligner making it visible and prominent.

  • Store the braces in a safe place

Whenever you remove it from the mouth, store it in the specific place mainly in the case.

  • Go for follow ups

As you need to visit the dentist to get Invisalign Lite in the UK, you need to visit for regular checkups as well. Only they can track the progress doing all the necessary adjustments so that you can achieve the result on time.

Does Invisalign Lite worthy?

To determine the worthiness of Invisalign Lite, you have to consider a number of aspects. Just look at the pros and cons of Invisalign Lite to determine if it is suitable for you or not!


  • Discreet appearance- The transparent appearance makes it aesthetically pleasant and non-visible.   
  • Removable- You can pop it out during flossing, brushing, eating and drinking ensuring the comfort and convenience.
  • Short treatment period- Compared to other options, it consumes less time to offer the desirable outcome.
  • Less number of dental visits- You will generally have few dental appointments with this option.


  • Limited treatment- It can treat only mild and moderate orthodontic problems. For severe issues you need to opt for other solutions.
  • Cost- It is really expensive in contrast to other conventional braces but a lot depends on treatment requirement and location.
  • Necessity of compliance- To make most of the treatment, you have to put it on for long 20-22 hours and hence it deems compliance and discipline.
  • Discomfort- It causes temporary and mild soreness and discomfort with gradual positioning of the teeth.

However, whether Invisalign Lite is suitable for you or not relies on your condition. It is always better to consult with the dentist and determine if it is going to work efficiently for your condition. Meanwhile, you must know the downsides of this brace to clear out the confusion.

What is the cost of Invisalign Lite?

Certain factors contribute to the total cost of Invisalign Lite in London. It includes location, severity of orthodontic problem and the plan chosen or recommended! Depending on all of these, the average cost of Invisalign is £1500-£4000. However, price can get lower or higher too based on the individual condition. 

If compared to other available orthodontic options, Invisalign Lite is not expensive at all. It is dedicated to design moderate and mild orthodontic problems only deeming a few appointments and aligners. Still, it may be unaffordable for many people.

In such instances, dental insurance will cover a partial expense of the treatment. For that, you need to check if the insurance covers orthodontic treatment or not. Moreover, most clinics offer flexible finance and payment plans to make the treatment affordable for everyone.


In case you want to opt for Invisalign Lite as teeth straightening treatment then Bayswater Dental Clinic is the right place. Arrange an appointment to consult with the dentist regarding the treatment plan, costs, risks and eligibility. Depending on your condition, they will choose the most apt treatment that will effectively work for your condition. Moreover, you can expect to get personalised care and treatment as well.
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