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When asked what the best email client is, most people will respond with MS Outlook as their first choice. Outlook 2016 is the most recent version of this program, which is included with the Microsoft Office Package. It offers email management, contact list maintenance, calendaring, instant messaging, and other services. Users can now use Outlook features on and Office 365.

Users frequently get confused between MS Outlook and MS Exchange, although there is a difference in basic word, and format in the client and subsequently in the server, and they do not always operate in collaboration; you can use them individually. MS Outlook is one of the few software that can meet the needs of both home users and enterprises.

Outlook store its data under the PST file extension, which stands for Personal Storage file format. PST is Outlook’s proprietary file format, and it does not share this file extension with any other software, making it very impossible to open the PST file in another program. Sometimes consumers need to store their emails in PDF format.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, it is a digital document that can be readily shared, combined, and updated. This sort of file can only be read in Adobe Reader, and you are also given a security choice that limits the use of your PDF files.

In this section, we will take a closer look at all of the possibilities available for saving Outlook emails as PDF format without missing any data in the process, which happens in many cases. Therefore, before selecting any particular method, users must ensure that it is working effectively so they do not face a lost data circumstance.

Reasons for saving Outlook emails as PDF –

  • Job demand, Professionals working in the forensic and legal fields must preserve Outlook emails as PDFs to show proof and evidence in court and file charge sheets. Outlook to PDF conversion is frequently necessary in cases of cybercrime.
  • Students and professors are frequently required to save emails as PDFs for projects, assignments, and presentations.
  • Emails are easily hacked, however files kept on your PC are difficult to hack and easy to share.
  • Exporting Outlook PST files as PDF additionally offers a very useful backup solution for emails.

Thankfully, MS Outlook and Acrobat Reader from Adobe now collaborate and allow you to store Outlook emails as PDF files. Here’s how it works

  • First, ensure that Outlook and Adobe Acrobat are installed on your PC.
  • When you launch Outlook, under the Menu Bar you may see the Adobe Acrobat Tab.
  • Click on the tab, and two choices appear; these options are highly significant. Save attachments as PDF or secure PDFs.
  • Now you are again provided four options, two of which are of your use here. Chosen Messages and Folders
  • Now Select the files/folder.
  • Select a save spot for them, and in seconds, you will have all the emails as PDF documents.

There are some Downsides as well

  • Both apps must be installed simultaneously on the same system.
  • Attachments are kept in PDF format, and the original format is damaged.
  • Large-scale processes can make your machine and apps run slower.

Professional PST to PDF Converter to Print PST To PDF Adobe

The Softaken Outlook PST To PDF Converter tool converts PST files into PDF format without needing a setup of MS Outlook or Adobe Acrobat. It also preserves attachments in their original format, which is ideal for large-scale migration activities. It has numbers of advanced features that helps to convert instantly print single or multiple PST files to PDF formats with attachments. It’s users interface is too easy and understandable for any kinds of users, weather they are technical or not.

It works as follows – 

  • Download the PST to PDF converter.
  • Pick the PST file or files.
  • Shows the preview of selected PST files
  • Choose PDF documents from export options and location for saving it.
  • Click the Convert button to start the process.
  • After the files have been converted, you can view them with Adobe Reader.

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In general, the latter approach for Outlook to PDF conversion is significantly more practical and efficient, and with the use of the batch option, it is also faster. Of course, the final decision is up to the users, who must choose the option that best meets their needs.


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