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There is no denying that the leather jacket in any men’s wardrobe can instantly give him a rugged and masculine look. Depending on the quality and design of the coat, men’s leather jackets can be worn in both formal and casual setups. Most men pick the classic black, brown, and grey shades, but red leather jackets also look great for casual parties and hangouts. You need to learn how to carry an iconic red coat perfectly, and you will discover red is a winning color. Combining classic shades of red with buttery soft sheepskin leather can immediately elevate your fashion game. 

On the other hand, we have varsity jackets. Primarily, they were designated to only athletes from North America, but now they are famous worldwide. These jackets are the easiest way to give you a sporty look and spirit. These jackets will still give you the achiever feel of the North American League. Again, it would help if you learned how to style a varsity jacket perfectly without overdressing. Each piece of both jackets will give the most rebellious look you need, along with the symbol of youth. 

Style Your Favorite Red Leather Jacket

While, as a man, you must see a lot of color combinations available all over the internet, you could be hesitant to pick red. Women worldwide hardly question this. It’s standard for them to choose red, but even though a guy likes red, he would hesitate to pick it. Why? Because of society’s norms, fear of looking feminine, and, most importantly, being looked down upon by their circle. But this is the right time to break these societal barriers and wear the colors you like. Micheal Jackson is one of the celebrities who broke this stereotype in the 90s, and thanks to his iconic fashion sense, we have many fantastic party looks. If you want to style your men’s red leather jacket like celebrities do, keep reading.

Punk leather jacket

If you want to escape the tag of a sweet, innocent guy, this is for you. The spiky studded red jacket will give you a rebellious look. You can rock this look further with a classic white tee shirt as an inner and denim blue pants while you ride your motorcycle. Nothing can come near the sexy allure this look will bring.

Retro 90s Look

Anything retro is just better. No one denies that. You can create your own very retro version with a red leather jacket. Pair it with oversized fits and combat boots for the perfect 90s theme party look. To spice up the whole look, team up with a black V-neck vest and distressed baggy jeans. The entire look is created to remind you of the iconic times of the 90s.

Rugged Look

Not 90s, Not Punk, We Get It! The rugged look is the one for you. This look will make you equally stylish and elegant. Pair it with light grey Henley or light wash jeans and the iconic Chelsea boots to create the most rugged look. This look will change people’s perspective of you almost immediately.  

Style Varsity Leather Jacket Like a Pro

Each piece of varsity jacket is not just an attire; it’s a narrative to be told. It invites everyone to feel the durability of leather sleeves, the softness of the wool body, and the sportsman spirit. Initially, these jackets served as a badge of honor for athletes who excelled in baseball and football. And since each of those jackets used to be a tale of victory, a personal triumph, and timeless appeal. But styling men’s varsity Letterman jackets is a skill, and we will teach you how. 

Athletic Look:

A more relaxed, slim, straight fit goes well with the most admired athletic look. Everyone has that plain white, gray, or black tee shirt. Use it as an inner. Take your straight-fitting blue or black jeans out and pair them with earthy-tone chinos or sneakers. This look will not disappoint you, from hangouts to dates; it works everywhere. 

Casual Look:

This is finally the time to pull out your graphic tee shirt, basic denim jeans, and plain white sneakers. They never fail for a classic day look. The outfit strikes confidence, comfort, and style. If you want to spice up the look, add accessories like sunglasses and watches, but keep the look grounded. 

Semi-Formal Varsity Leather Jacket:

Yes, you can look formal while wearing a leather jacket!

Pair your varsity jacket with tailored pants and innovative shoes; the right pairing will instantly give you the perfect semi-formal look for all outings. It creates a sharp contrast between creativity and aesthetics. Wear a sleek belt and a classic strap wristwatch for a more overwhelming look. 


If you want to dress up like a professional or celebrity, take care of a few more things. Ensure your outfit is perfectly fitting, and don’t be afraid to break societal stereotypes. If you want to wear red as a man, you should wear red. Let others do the talking while you perform. Leather jackets come varieties of styles, colors, and graphics to elevate your fashion game. If you opt for a formal look, pick the leather options in their category for a more sophisticated look.

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