Handling a sudden tyre blow out – tips from tyre fitting mechanics

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Highways do not have any speed limit and thus driving on highways always demands higher skills and better control over a vehicle than that on city roads. A sudden tyre blow out is one of the scariest things that can happen to you on a highway and it can put you in a risky situation right in an instant. A sudden tyre blow out while driving at high speeds, as it is usual on highways, is nothing less than life threatening under any circumstance. How can do tackle such an unexpected crisis and ensure your safety? More importantly why tyres burst and what you can do to prevent it or at least minimise its occurrences. Let us explore these crucial aspects related to both driving and vehicle maintenance in the sections below of this blog post.

One good thing related to tyre blow outs is the tyre technology is steadily evolving almost every day. As a result incidents of a tyre burst are becoming increasingly rare these days. But still you must be prepared for it because whenever it is going to occur you can be rest assured it wiil put you in a pretty uncomfortable situation more than anything else.

A sudden tyre burst

While driving when a tyre blows out it pretty much feels like the sound of an explosion explains a mechanic who provides the service of mobile tyre fitting in east London. First there will be a whoosh in the air and in the very next moment the blown out tyre will roll no more but flap over the road surface. When a tyre in the front blows out your vehicle will suddenly start swaying in the left or the right. This swaying direction depends on which side of the vehicle the tyre is punctured. On the other hand when a rear tyre blows out it makes you feel as if the rear of the vehicle is swaying back and forth.

Reasons behind tyre blow outs

The advanced age of a tyre is a common reason that leads to blowing out of tyres. It is important to note that every aged or ageing tyre is nothing less than a potential threat even for highly skilled and experienced motorists. An ageing tyre is also a concern in matters related to tyre care and maintenance. Why are ageing tyres a serious threat? Let us explore the reason is simple words.

A typical tyre is made up of more than 200 components of which rubber, carbon black and silica are the prime items. As time passes by these components along with other chemicals that are used to make a tyre keep degrading. As a result a tyre loses its flexibility that is important to make it function properly. This is one reason that makes tyres degrade over time. Under inflation is another common cause that leads to blow out of tyres. When a tyre is not sufficiently inflated it bulges out while bearing the weight of the vehicle explains a mechanic who provides the service of mobile tyre repair in east London. A bulged out tyre bounces up and down the road surface especially while you are driving at a higher speed. As a result the tyre undergoes overheating and excessive friction that result in its blowing out.

Tyre blow outs are more common in summers than other times of the year and tyre fitting

Tyre blow outs are pretty common during the summer months than that of any other time of the year. There is a reason behind it. The internal pressure in a tyre rises during this time of the year affected by the heat in the surrounding atmosphere. At some point of time this pressure becomes unbearably high which leads to greater friction and stress on the tyre itself. The combined influence of various conditions makes it easier for tires to blow out. This explains why tyres are more likely to burst during the summer season compared to other seasons of the year.

There are additional factors that increase a tyre’s stress level. These factors include longer trips, heavy loads, and driving at higher speeds. It is important to remember that all these unfavourable factors come into play almost at the same time. The combination of all these factors together leads to frequent tyre blow outs during the hotter months.

Handling a sudden tyre burst with tyre fitting

When there is a sudden tyre blow out you experience very little control over your car or vehicle. It is crucial to maintain control over your vehicle to ensure your safety and that of your vehicle. By not losing control, you can prevent other vehicles from ramming you on the road. Your primary objective in unexpected crisis conditions is to pull your vehicle off the road. Use as little input from the steering wheel as possible. By slamming on brakes you actually lose what little control you have on your vehicle in this condition. It is equally important not to get panicky and maintain your cool to overcome the suddenly evolved crisis easily and safely suggests a mechanic who provides the service of 24hr mobile tyre fitting in London. Here is a list of actions that you must perform one after the other to avoid accidents.

  • Slightly accelerate the vehicle to maintain your control over it
  • Hold the steering firmly with both hands and keep driving straight
  • Once you know the vehicle has got back into the line just gradually let go of the accelerator
  • As you let go of the accelerator the vehicle starts slowing down
  • Pull off the vehicle to the side of the road by applying minimum brake
  • Bring the vehicle to a complete stop using the braking system and turn on the hazard lights before calling a 24 hours mobile tyre fitting and repairer

Tyre Fitting and repair Service

There are few important things that you must remember to follow in case of tyre blow outs of your vehicle. These things include the following –

  • When there is a sudden tyre burst it is utmost crucial to maintain stability of the vehicle
  • You should not try to steer the wheel abruptly. The vehicle will move in the direction it is intended to go.
  • If you make that attempt there is a massive chance of inviting a rollover of your vehicle

These tips are meant to keep you safe as well as your vehicle free from damage explains a trained and skilled mechanic busy with providing mobile tyre fitting service in east London. Your primary objective in unexpected crisis conditions is to pull your vehicle off the road. Use as little input from the steering wheel as possible.

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