How does an On Demand Food Delivery App Business Work?

on-demand food delivery app

The creation, development, and workflow of an On-Demand Food Delivery App takes a layered approach to make a difference in the current competitive market. Streamlining all the services, coupled with attractive visuals and swift push notifications, starts with a blueprint for the app. However, it’s best not to devote such a large amount of crucial time to designing a concept that is already popular globally. The trick is that you have to look for a professional white-label firm.


From restaurant owners to their respective delivery drivers, the food delivery business before apps was more in the favor of the people. Today, it is important to understand that the success of a business depends only 20% on the quality of the website and mobile applications. The rest is working with partners and drivers with a ready-made admin panel to foresee everything happening in the business.

Understanding the UberEats food delivery app business

UberEats platform has devised sub-components to function effectively in the On Demand Food Delivery App landscape. Some of the key components include a customer app, a restaurant app, and a delivery driver app, along with a website and an admin panel. Depending on your budget, you can either develop these three apps natively or in a hybrid fashion. The rest of the work related to the website and the admin panel can be created using PHP.

Uber Eats generates revenue through commissions from each food order. Moreover, there are advertisements, subscription plans, cancellation charges, surge pricing, and in-app purchases for delivery drivers. Afterward, the availability of restaurants, dark or cloud kitchens, as well as other confectionery shops, is crucial to staying in the market.

Must-Have Features of an On Demand Food Delivery App

The presence of intuitive features in an application keeps users engaged throughout the entire ordering process. It is a very crucial phase to assess and see what kind of features should be present in the app or not. However, the following are some of the must-have features that should be present in an On Demand Food Delivery App similar to UberEats.

Customer App

Add Voice Instructions

The purpose of adding voice instruction is to ease the communication barrier and provide more clarity to the user’s address. This is a very useful feature that makes a difference in the food delivery process.

Apply Coupon

The majority of people always look for coupons or some other sort of discount on a food delivery app. Therefore, there should always be a coupon code present at the last step of the order booking process before making the final payment.

Track Order Status

A defining visual attraction of a food delivery app has been the introduction of the Google Maps API to integrate the tracking and ETA functions. As a core feature, many businesses have used tracking abilities to create a unique brand identity.

VoIP-based Call Masking

The voice-over Internet protocol technology has played an instrumental part in the success of delivery apps. The user can easily place a voice call directly using the app’s internet connection. Moreover, the user can call the delivery driver directly.

Delivery Driver App

Upload Documents

After registering in the app, the delivery driver has to submit their address proof and vehicle verification documents. Therefore, it is important to have this option in the app under Profile Settings. The driver can also update and add other documents as well.

Accept/Reject Request

As soon as the order is placed, all nearby drivers are informed with an in-app notification, which they can accept or reject at their convenience. Upon accepting the order, the location of the restaurant and the user’s address are shared, along with the ETA as well.

View Order History

With the help of this feature, the delivery driver can view all the payments received and orders successfully delivered in an instant. As a useful feature, the driver can also generate an earnings report to show invoices for deliveries made in the future.

Rate Customer

After the last-mile step of the delivery is completed, the driver can rate the customer using a pop-up box before moving forward with another delivery. Many On Demand Food Delivery App businesses are known to make this feature more creative by adding a few keywords in place of the text box to write detailed reviews.

Restaurant App

Manage Availability

The availability feature allows restaurants, as well as dark or cloud kitchens, to manage their business hours in a much more streamlined manner. A feature like this helps manage online orders during the holiday season.

Track Order

Like customers, restaurants can also track their meals with the help of the tracking feature present in the restaurant app. It also works in the same manner and shows the ETA as well as the status of the order until it has reached the required location.

Manage Bank Details

The main purpose of partnering with an On Demand Food Delivery App from the perspective of the restaurants is to make money. Apart from physical bookings, the restaurant can get online bookings by being available on the platform. The feature of managing bank details is crucial to making money off of the platform.

Launching an On-Demand Food Delivery App to UberEats

Take the help of a white-label firm to skip the entire design and development phase and land straight to launching your business in just 1-2 weeks. By investing in the UberEats Clone app, your business will take shape by rebranding some of the most popular features from the clone to your business. This method or approach has been widely accepted by many entrepreneurial circles, mainly because of the transparency and reliability of clone apps.


Every country has a competitive market niche when it comes to the food delivery business. Most apps are known to saturate the entire market, while other places have several apps fighting over the top position. Uber started Uber Eats after the taxi app became a massive hit on a global scale. With a slight change in the service and navigation, the concept aligned well with the changing behavior of the modern-day consumer.

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