How to Import Outlook OST Data Folder to Outlook?

how to import outlook ost data folder to outlook

The majority of Outlook users must surely be familiar with the OST and PST file. These are the two database files that Outlook utilizes to hold all of its data, including contacts, tasks, emails, and other types of content. An offline copy of this data is stored in an OST file, which is preserved on the mailing server. We regret to inform you that importing an OST file into Outlook is not feasible unless you set up your account on a different system, which will result in the creation of a new OST file.

For this reason, professional software is preferred by the majority of users over traditional manual alternatives. Therefore, we will be providing all the information starting with the necessity to import an OST file and ending with the solution to make the task easier for everyone in order to give people a clear understanding and deliver the answer to many Outlook users.

What are OST files, and can I import an OST file directly into Outlook?

Many users still want assistance in comprehending what an OST file actually is. Let me now briefly discuss the OST file in order to allay your concerns. When users attempt to set up their Outlook account using Exchange Server, Office 365,, and IMAP, an OST file is typically created.

It’s common for users to wonder if an OST file includes all of the data from Outlook and why they need to import OST files into their Outlook accounts.

All of the Outlook data, including contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and more, is contained in the OST.

Take a look at the following points to learn why OST should be moved to Outlook:

  • When any activity or maintenance causes the Exchange Server to go offline.
  • Transfer information from the OST file to another system.
  • OST files are severely corrupted.

Due to all of these factors, users import OST files into Outlook; however, there is currently a question that many users must be asking regarding the best way to accomplish this.

It is not possible to import the necessary OST files directly to any other Outlook account, according to Microsoft’s unambiguous statement. Alternatively, users can choose to convert their OST files to PST first, then access the resulting file in Outlook. This will satisfy the needs of a large number of users.

How to Import Outlook OST Data Folder to Outlook Manually?

Utilizing the Import/Export Function

Outlook includes built-in tools for transferring Outlook contacts, tasks, notes, and other data between systems. Use the instructions below to import your OST file into Outlook.

  • Select “File” after launching Outlook.
  • Then select “Open & Export” and click “Import/Export.”
  • Click “next” after selecting “export to a file”.
  • After selecting “Outlook Data File (.PST)”, press “Next”.
  • Click “next” after selecting the PST-formatted files you wish to convert.
  • Proceed to choose the target directory for saving, convert the Exchange OST file, select the choices for duplicating objects, and complete the process.

To import OST files into Outlook using this manual method, just make sure the OST file is linked to an Exchange server first. Though easy to use, this manual technique of exporting OST files into Outlook has certain limitations, so users also consider other options.  

Cons of Manual Solution:

  • The manual approach is unable to import multiple OST files at once into a single Outlook PST, which could lead to inefficiencies and eventual data loss.
  • When working with huge files, processing OST files manually through an import into Outlook might take a considerable amount of time.
  • Orphaned OST files, which are not connected to any Exchange servers, are not imported by this process.
  • These challenges highlight the necessity of using alternate solutions when managing large or complex OST file migrations, which is crucial.

Automated Method to Import OST File into Outlook in Bulk

The problems with the manual approach can be solved with automated solutions, which offer a more dependable and effective way to export OST files into Outlook. There is a tool called CubexSoft OST to PST Converter that makes the process easier. The most sophisticated program available makes it simple to import several OST files at once into your Outlook account. You will save a ton of time by using this tool. So, when you have a safe and expert option, why use drawn-out and dangerous procedures?

Characteristics of the software

You can use a variety of capabilities offered by the software simply by downloading it to your computer. Listed below are a handful of them:

  • You’ll save time with this tool’s rapid import of huge OST files.
  • It reduces the possibility of data loss or corruption and ensures data integrity.
  • Even people with no technical experience can easily use it thanks to its user-friendly UI.
  • Choose the location on the destination path where you wish the data to be kept.
  • Once the import procedure is underway, the software will take care of the rest.
  • A widely used automated program for mass exporting OST files into Outlook with ease.
  • The intelligent features of the allow you to select your chosen language.


We’ve discussed about the several solutions that enable users to know how to import Outlook OST data folder to Outlook. As we’ve already covered in this article, it isn’t possible to import an OST file straight into Outlook. Therefore, there are other ways to solve this problem. To make their work easier, users need to have a look at the third-party OST Converter software that is covered here.

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