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Sometimes a PDF file is too big to open, so you may only require a few pages or a portion of a larger document. It took a while for the file to open. It is during these times that you look for something that can make file accessibility easier by breaking files up into smaller, more manageable portions for easy access. This calls for the use of a PDF splitter. Let’s examine a user’s question from many discussion sites to gain a better understanding:

I work for a firm, and our team lead assigned me the responsibility of removing pages 45–79 from a 150-page document. I don’t know how to break the PDF file into smaller pieces or divide it in half, and it’s too big to open. Is there a way to enable this function for lengthy PDF files?

Since we now have a better understanding thanks to the aforementioned inquiry, let’s talk about several popular and practical methods for breaking up huge PDF files into manageable chunks for rapid file loading and simple access.

Use The Fast & Automated Way to Split up Huge PDF Files into Several little Files

The best way to finish the splitting procedure correctly is now accessible. The PDF File Splitter Tool allows users to split up huge PDF files into several little files. Secure PDF files can also be opened with this software.

Download the most recent version of the CubexSoft PDF Split Tool, which enables you to quickly divide large PDF files into a number of smaller PDF files on any Windows OS platform, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista. Since the software allows both single and multiple file-splitting processes, you can divide bulk PDF emails to PDF online. You can split, break, divide, and trim the first five PDF files with the CubexSoft Watermark using the free version as well.

Advantages of Making Use of This Tool Fortunately, the program handles all of the file processing, so users don’t have to. All other features of this software can be used with just a few selected options. In terms of performance, it is rapid and precise. It is possible to divide huge PDF files into smaller files by inserting multiple files or directories. Additionally, you can combine PDF files with this program.

Step 1: Download PDF Split and PDF Merge Tool

Step 2: After that Select File(s)/Select Folder button to add any size of PDF file.

Step 3. Select Split option and press on Next button.

Step 4. Use the split opportunities as per your desires i.e. Split by Page, Split by Page Range, Split by Size (MB), Split into Single Pages, Split by Odd Pages and Split by Even Pages.

Step 5. Now get the destination path by choosing the Change button to split PDF files and hit Split button.

There is also an online option if the PDF file is too big to open

Users also have the option to split PDF pages in half by using Adobe’s free online tool to divide the files into the appropriate portions. To use the PDF splitting tool, just launch your web browser, search for it, and click on it. There will be some restrictions, however this method is helpful for smaller file sizes because it is free.

Cutting PDF Pages in Half using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Acrobat Pro DC is a program that requires a subscription. All the facilities needed for better handling of the PDF files are included in that. Splitting is one of the possibilities that are accessible. Carefully follow the guidelines to divide the pages of the PDF file into two or more equal parts:

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to get to your application.
  • After it is opened, select Organize Pages from the Tool menu and then click Split.
  • Proceed to choose File Size under Output Options.
  • After choosing OK, click the Split button to complete the process and save the file.
  • Here, in an attempt to save expenses, the first way (Automated Solution) can cheaply and swiftly cut PDF pages in half.

To sum up

If your PDF file is too big to open, this article provides comprehensive advice on what to do. Ideally, you should divide them and store them in smaller files. We have been able to clarify two methods for section-wise division in light of this. Regular users of Adobe software, however, could find the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC product to be too expensive. Because it provides Acrobat’s functionality at a lesser expense, we have therefore highlighted the automated option.

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