The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Persian Rug at Home

Persian Rug

A grubby rug is not pleasing to the eyes! You will not prefer spending dollars on a Persian carpet just to witness it fail to serve its very purpose. A clean rug can enhance the beauty of your room.

Persian rugs are known for their textural designs. And the odds of dirt build-up are more predominant in Persian carpets (if it is not cleaned right). This means you will have to follow the right procedure for Persian rug cleaning near me.

How Often Should You Clean Your Persian Rug?

Too low a rug cleaning frequency means the chances of dirt accumulation are higher. Again, if you clean it too frequently, it can cause damage to the fibres. You prefer to reach a common, middle ground. Then again that is not the one and only factor you have to take into consideration.

Hand-Knotted Persian rugs are more prone to accumulate dirt, dust, grime, and soil. You will need a cleaning frequency before you see the rug seems like it needs cleaning. For any average household Persian rug, minor cleaning such as vacuuming is ideal. Make sure you do it once every two weeks (the frequency can vary). In your rug is in a dark, closed place, with no footfalls, there is no need to clean it for months.

Simple Ways to Clean Persian Rugs at Home

Professional rug cleaning near me can be super expensive. If you are dealing with minor dirt and stains, you know they are easy to come off by vacuuming. While Persian rug needs a professional cleaning every year, taking precautions can go a long way. This will help keep your rug in tip-top shape for longer periods.

  • Vacuum It

Vacuuming will help you remove dirt and debris from your Persian rug. Do so at least once every two weeks. Thus, you will have a rug that looks and smells new for longer. Just lay your rug on the ground, and vacuum it gently. This is enough to remove excess pet hair, abrasives, and dirt. Make sure you repeat it (both sides).

  • Sweep It

While everyone prefers beating their rug to make them clean, experts advise you to gently, and slowly wipe the dirt off the rug. In this way, it will prevent the wear and tear of the rug. As a result, it will help increase the lifespan of your Persian rug.

Use a broom featuring straw bristles to sweep it from one side to another side of the rug. Do not move the broom back and forth; you do not want to end up damaging it. The purpose of sweeping the rug is to slowly clean the dust away, while giving the rug fibres a whole new, refreshed feel.

  • Shake Away the Dust

It is easy too. Take your Persian rug, and shake all the dirt out of it. f the rug is way bigger for you to move, use an extra hand. Alternatively, you can choose to beat the rug to remove dirt. But make sure you are gentle in the process. Otherwise, it will lead to wear and tear.

  • Remove the Odours

Is there any pungent musty smell on your rug? What to do to make that go away? YOu can use the vinegar, water, and detergent method to remove any odours. Thus, you will be able to remove odours and stains from your rug. It will also give your rug a new feel. You can use talcum powder and sprinkle some of it over your rug. Leave it like that for the night. The powder will absorb the odours from the rug overnight. The next day you vacuum it to create a refreshing scent.

  • Professional Help Is the Best Help

Experts recommend getting your Persian rug cleaned by professionals once a year. They are better equipped than a layman and can clean rugs using dry, deep, and steam cleaning method. Thus you can restore your old rug to a pristine look.

Steam cleaning happens to be a two-step cleaning technique. At first, a solution is applied to the rug. It is a solution that is meant to treat stains and effectively get the residue out.

After that, a steam cleaner is used to take out residue from the rug using high heat.

Professionals know the job better. They have spent years honing their skills. Of course, you owe your super expensive Persian rug one professional clean every year.

  • Look out for stains

As mere as spilling of food items like ketchup can wreak havoc on your rug. This means you need to be extra careful about checking and taking care of any stains and spills right away. This will help you take out the stains before they set in. Just using soap water mixture will do the trick – it is enough for a stain or spill that is small. However, for more serious accidents such as spilling wine on your rug, calling in a professional makes true sense.

We hope the guide has provided you with the do’s and dont’s of how to clean your expensive Persian rug. If you have a Persian rug at your home and are looking for giving it a professional cleaning, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We, at VIP Carpet Cleaning London Ltd., provide you with the best oriental persian rug cleaning London cost estimation. We ensure you have a professional cleaning at the most competitive rate possible.

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