Worried About Getting Bruised When Clay Shooting?

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The following blog talks about the top 3 tips you should follow to avoid getting bruised when practising clay pigeon shooting in a professional Cecil Park shooting range.

Clay pigeon shooting is one of the most popular outdoor sports worldwide. It’s a fun gaming option with lots of adrenaline rush and adventure. Shooting clays in a skilled Cecil Park shooting range can be a great way to end the week and kickstart the new one. Also, if you’re looking for an activity to have fun with your friends/family on your off day, you can consider getting enrolled for a shooting session. By using both cognitive and physical energies, clay shooting is beneficial for both body and mind. With a lot of practice, it’s easy to achieve successful results in clay pigeon shooting.

But no matter what, one of the most common things almost all beginner clay bird shooters face is bruises. Well, the recoil of the shotgun (i.e., the kickback of the gun) is one of the most common things in clay shooting. But it also results in bruises on the shoulders. Well, it’s easily avoidable, if you consider a few points beforehand.

Let’s learn that in the following blog post.

How to avoid getting bruised in a professional Cecil Park shooting range when shooting clays?

Bruises after attending a clay pigeon shooting session are common.

Well, by following a few tips from experts can help you avoid getting shoulder bruises when visiting a professional Cecil Park shooting range.

Here’re 3 tips,

1. Consider the type of cartridges you’re using in clay shooting.

i) Most beginner clay shooters on any Cecil Park shooting range will be more likely to shoot fairly easy targets which’re 20-30 meters away. Hence, experts suggest avoiding using heavy loads in your session.

ii) Using too much power will increase the recoil of your firearm, resulting in a more significant kickback after taking the shot.

iii) Using lighter loads will be better, as they come with sufficient power to hit the clay targets without bruising your shoulder or cheeks. A 21grm/fibre would be a finer choice for almost all occasions.

2. Consider the shotgun you’re choosing for your visit to a Cecil Park shooting range.

i) The size of the shotgun is vital for shooting clays. Not all shooters are comfortable holding a traditional 12-bore shotgun and moving it around with ease. Thus, you must select a gun as per your needs.

ii) You can do that with the 12-bore but either with a lighter double-barred gun or a single-barred auto gun. Among them, the auto one comes with reduced recoil and less weight. While the double-barred one comes with more recoil.

iii) Another way you can do that is by moving down to a lighter calibre like the 20-bore. They’re usually shorter and lighter, ideal for visiting a Cecil Park shooting range as a beginner.

3. Consider what you’re wearing on your clay pigeon shooting session.

i) Experts suggest wearing a suit is a must, especially for beginners when attending shooting clays in a professional Cecil Park shooting range.

ii) For hot weather, wearing skeet jackets would be better with little padding.

iii) For cold weather, layers of coats and scarves would be better but be sure about your ability to shoot on those.

Are you a beginner planning to attend a clay shooting session in a professional Cecil Park shooting range? Be sure to follow all the tips to avoid getting bruised on your first-ever shooting session. We hope this blog post can help you.

Suzy Balogh OAM OLY is the first Australian lady to win Olympic Gold for Shooting. The first Australian Shooter to win gold on Olympic debut. And is the only female shotgun shooter to have Commonwealth and Olympic Gold.

She has also won World, Oceania and National titles. Representing Australia in six disciplines of clay target shooting – Olympic Trap, Olympic Skeet, Olympic Double Trap, Down the Line, Universal Trench and American Skeet.

In 2005, Suzy was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services to sport and is a life member of the Australian Clay Target Association and the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia.

Author Bio: The Author has years of experience in clay pigeon shooting. He’s helped many people hone their clay shooting skills. Also, he’s written many articles and blog posts on related topics like how to find the best Cecil Park shooting range, etc.


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