Your easy and helpful guide to electric cooker installation

electric cooker installation

If you have upgraded your old cooker and brought home a new electric cooker then the first thing that you should be concerned about is the installation of the gadget easy enough so that you can tackle it yourself. In the following section of the post let us explore how to install an electric cooker DIY. You can make this discussion expect your task to be somewhat easier.

  • Before you start wiring the new electric cooker you must shut down the main power supply as a safety precaution; remember the fact that electricity is always potentially hazardous.
  • Locate the terminal outlet and make sure to unscrew it. To make your task easier, this outlet is usually located at the back of these gadgets.
  • Connect the wires to the right slots carefully.
  • In the last step you need attaching the gadget to the cooker control unit and while connecting the wires be little careful.

Once you strip the main cable of the gadget you will find three more wires underneath and this is how you have to connect those wires –

  • The brown one is the live wire which you have to connect to the right corner terminal of an electrical outlet.
  • The blue one is the neutral wire which goes into the left corner terminal.
  • The thirds wire usually comes either as green or yellow and you place it into the centre.

Before moving ahead let us explore few vital facts related to our topic in hand which is electric cooker installation and this discussion will make your task easier to a great extent.

Can you install your own electric cooker at home DIY as far as the UK is concerned?

Yes, it is possible to install your own electric cooker at home DIY in the UK as there is no legal binding. Given the technical expertise needed for this task, it is advisable to hire a Part P qualified electrician. In case you decide to go ahead DIY then make sure you are aware about the installation regulations existing in the UK before taking up the task.

About the existing electric cooker installation regulations in the UK

As already mentioned above, before you get into the actual process of installing your electric cooker at home DIY it is important that you know both – the requirements and the regulations.

It is important to note that compared to those standard 50 cm gas cookers an electric cooker requires more power.

  • Read carefully through the product manual provided by the manufacturer; it says everything that is necessary about the requirements to install the gadget. Consult the manual to make sure the correct ampere rating of the gadget. As the minimal requirement you need a 13 ampere fuse although some new models require a 32 ampere fuse.
  • As a standard practice the majority of electric cookers in the market come with a 6 mm T&E wire although it is better to replace it with a 10 mm cable suggests a professional who possesses years of experience in electric cooker installation near me in London.
  • There must not be any combustible item or material near or behind the spot where you are installing the electric cooker.
  • In order to mitigate the chance of a sudden electrical shock from the gadget it is a good idea to invest in a double pole isolating switch.

With a modern electric cooker you cannot use the combination of a standard plug socket and 6 mm cable although technically you can use a 6 mm wire but those wires get excessively hot very fast.

What is the need for a double pole isolating switch?

A person should recommend using a double pole isolating switch mainly for safety reasons. An electric cooker oven consumes a lot of power while it is functional and in the process even the neutral wire may carry some current. A double pole switch in this case powers down the neutral wire and along with that it also clears away the chance of a residual electric shock to keep you safe.  

Your quick guide to installing an electric cooker

After making sure that you are complying with all the relevant regulations you can proceed to actual installation of an electric cooker oven. Before starting the cooker installation process, ensure the power supply is completely cut off, you (as a professional electrician) recommend. I provide the cooker installation service near you.

The installation procedure

  • The control unit of an electric cooker need to be installed within a couple of metres from the cooker but always make sure that it is never placed directly above or below the cooker.
  • You need a thick cable to support the installation so that the right quantity of electricity flows into the gadget while it is in use.
  • The terminal box is usually located behind the home improvement appliance; you have to connect the cables to this terminal box.

Wiring an electric cooker

Before you start wiring the electric cooker first you should switch off the power supply from the mains.  

  • Unscrew the plate of the terminal outlet which you will probably find on the back of the gadget.
  • Connect the three wires namely the live, neutral and the earth into the right and appropriate positions.
  • A DIY enthusiast who possesses an electric cooker installation certificate from a reputed organisation suggests you should tighten the screws to the level so that the wires are totally secured. Place the back plate at its proper position on the appliance.

Most electric cookers now only require wiring, so professional intervention is generally unnecessary. In order to install a freestanding electric cooker you should follow the same steps above.

Get used to the colours of the wires in electric cookers

There will three wires each in a different colour for easy identification and you have to connect these wires into the right terminal sockets. The wires and their respective colour code is as following –

  • The brown coloured one is the live wire.
  • The blue coloured one is the neutral wire while
  • The green or yellow coloured one is the earth wire.

Is it possible to plug an electric cooker into a normal electrical socket in the UK?

Yes it is highly possible to plug in an electric cooker to a standard electrical socket which has a capacity of 13 amps. But before plugging it in you must make sure that it consumes power less than 3 kW. A professional like electric works London who charges reasonable cost for electric cooker installation in London says the quantity of electricity that an oven uses is mentioned in its manual. Thus making the correct determination is not difficult at all.

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