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The fear of losing the natural teeth is obvious. Whenever we suffer from a serious dental issue we cannot help wondering in the mind whether it will be possible to retain the affected tooth. Thankfully, modern dentistry has evolved a lot to help us save our natural teeth in most of the cases involving a serious dental issue or the other. One of the most reliable ways that modern dentistry offers to save a badly diseased or infected tooth is the root canal treatment or RCT. Root canal is just like most of the other modern dentistry procedures. They are painless and convenient and it proves an excellent option to cure a string of issues related to the tooth including infection, breakage, inflammation and others. This particular procedure often prevents the need of a tooth extraction.

Considering the severity involved in certain cases a root canal needs to be done on immediate basis. So there is always the possibility that you could undergo an emergency root canal too. These cases usually involve accidents, injuries and illnesses.

An introduction to root canal treatment

Both a general dentist and an endodontist may prescribe you a root canal. When they do that you should know they are trying to fix damage inside your tooth. The procedure involves drilling a hole into the diseased tooth. To remove the pulp of the tooth which resides in the inner chambers. Tooth pulp or dental pulp is nothing but a soft mass containing the tissues, nerves and blood vessels.

After removing the pulp your treatment provider will also clean and disinfect the tooth. In the last step of the procedure they fill up the drilled hole before sealing it. To fill it up they rely on a suitable replacement material. Thus the diseased tooth retains both its look. And functionality explains a dentist with years of experience in providing emergency root canal in London. Furthermore the expert adds that even after undergoing a root canal. Patients often need a dental crown to replace the top of the treated tooth.  

When a root canal becomes necessary

Typical dental conditions that may require you undergo a root canal include the following –

  • Ignored and untreated decay in the tooth
  • A decay that develops discreetly under a filling
  • Bruxism – it is a condition that results in involuntary grinding of the teeth during sleep at night
  • Advanced stages of gum disease
  • Old and existing cracks in a tooth
  • Trauma like road accidents, falls and others

In other words it is correct to say root canal treatment can cure a number of serious issues related to the teeth.

Conditions in which you need to undergo a root canal

First your dentist evaluates your condition and then decides whether a root canal will be the best option to cure you. Dentists usually perform a root canal on patients under the following conditions –

  • Severe decay in the tooth

A simple tooth filling process sufficient for most cavities. But when you develop a severe decay then that needs special treatment. When a cavity reaches deep inside the tooth it inflames and infects the pulp residing in the inner chambers of the tooth. At this stage of the crisis it is crucial to remove the inflamed tooth pulp itself else the infection spreads not only across the mouth but also the body. It could be a matter of life and death for a patient when the infection spreads across the body. An untreated infection in the tooth even affects the heart. A root canal treatment can easily prevent all these severe consequences.

  • Discolouration of the tooth

There are many reasons for which your teeth may become discoloured and a dentist with years of experience in providing emergency root canal treatment in London says an infection in the tooth is also another reason for discoloured teeth. When the tooth turns severely dark or black then that may indicate presence of a severe decay. Usually filling material that is used in root canal treatments can fix this discolouration problem although the tooth may need a whitening treatment to improve its appearance.

Chipped or cracked tooth

Modern dentistry makes it possible to fix most of the chips and cracks on a tooth or teeth with help of dental crowns or the bonding material. But some fissures are severe enough to reach out into the inner pulp camber of a tooth. An emergency root canal is the tried and tested option in most such cases to negate any risk to the tooth. If root canal is not provided in this condition there is a high chance of infection for the pulp of the tooth. The infection may also result in other complications like pain, sensitivity and discolouration in the tooth. To avoid all these complications and more your dentist may resort to the procedure of removing the pulp and sealing the tooth.

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Persistent toothache

You could be suffering from a nasty and persistent ache in the tooth and no other treatment seems to be effective to solve the problem. Even the diagnosis could be blurry but one thing is clear – no chronic pain in the tooth should keep continuing. Dentists usually recommend an emergency root treatment in these cases to provide patients with a permanent solution to the problem.

Benefits that root canal treatment provide 

When you think about it, root canal treatment offers a number of benefits which include the following –

  • By and large it is a pain-free procedure, especially the modern version of the treatment. The majority of patients confirm compared to tooth extraction this procedure hardly involves any pain or discomfort.
  • It proves effective preventing further spreading of the infection.
  • When you suffer from a tooth abscess you are likely to suffer from pain and swelling in the mouth. These symptoms affect normal chewing. After a root canal treatment usually the affected tooth gets a crown or filling. Because of all the factors the treatment helps you with more efficient chewing.
  • Last but nevertheless the least, this effective treatment enhances your overall health and wellbeing.

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