Convert EML to PDF with Attachments – Hassle-free Solution

Users can want to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments for increased security and convenience of data storage and sharing across platforms. This post will provide you with all of the available alternatives for completing this task, including both manual and professional approaches. Let’s look at it!

EML files are a single storage file format that stores the entire message in an organized manner. A specific file will contain all the data items from a single email address, as well as attachments, email headers, content, and any other data items. Because of its adaptability, EML files are used by a wide range of applications to store message information. Some of these include Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, Windows Mail, and so on. You can also archive emails as EML files on your local hard disk.


On the other hand, PDFs are portable file formats that may be opened anywhere and at any time. Passwords can also be used to safeguard them legally.

Users convert EML files to PDF format when they need to print multiple emails stored as EML files. Also, they wish to save the backup to their PC for later use. Another issue is that EML files require an EML-supported application to access the data, but PDF files do not require any application or platform.

So, today, I’ll explain the simplest way to bulk convert an EML file to PDF with attachments. Before we begin the process, let us look at some of the primary factors!

Reasons for Exporting EML Files to PDF Format.

There are various reasons why users should become acquainted with the more effective conversion strategy. There are occasions when the user has to open a previously stored email right away, so they open their email client.

  • Because these applications can crash if you open your email client frequently to view an email or message.
  • As a result, EML files cannot be exchanged between different sources or operating systems, like PDF files can. PDF is cross-platform, meaning it can be opened on any PC, including my mobile device, iPhone, and OS.
  • If you receive EML files from a senior, colleague, or friend, you will most likely need to install an email client to open them unless you have converted the communications to PDF format.
  • Because EML files are simple text formatting files, they are easily accessible and vulnerable to unwanted access. Though PDF is the best and most secure file type, if anyone can access the PDF files, they will notify you of the modified version.

User Queries!

“Hello, I have a lot of Outlook Express Database files on my PC. Due to space constraints, I’d like to back up EML files in PDF format. So, could you please help me convert EML to PDF with attachments?”

“Hello, Can you Convert EML to PDF with Attachments? I’m wondering how to convert an EML file to PDF format. Also, I need to print EML files. The best approach to print EML files is to convert them to PDF format. Please propose a reliable solution to this.”

After considering the causes and customer inquiries, we decided to discuss the best and easiest solution for those who have yet to find a dependable solution. So, first we will cover the manual way, followed by the automated option proposed by professionals to finish the task in an easy and straightforward manner.

How do I Manually Convert EML Files to PDF format?

If you want to manually convert several EML files to PDF format, then it is not possible because the manual approach is complicated, time-consuming, and inconvenient for both new and non-technical users. And, if you choose, follow the steps below for the manual process:

  • First, go to Outlook >> Select an EML file.
  • Then, select Save As to save the file as an HTML file.
  • Open Microsoft Office and navigate to the HTML file.
  • From there, go to the File Menu >> Save As. Select PDF.
  • After that, save the file as a PDF at a specified location.

Thus, by following the procedures outlined above, you may quickly convert the EML file to PDF. However, you can only convert one file at a time, and converting many files requires you to repeat the processes repeatedly. As a result, this technique is not recommended for large-scale file conversions. These are the major reasons why we propose that you utilize the second solution.

Professional Solution for Converting EML to PDF with Attachments

To solve all the manual obstacles, you can simply use Softaken EML to PDF Converter Software, which allows you to export eml files. This application provides very advanced approaches and is designed with a special integrated algorithm that helps users to complete the conversion as soon as feasible.

It has no file size restrictions, and when converting several EML files to PDF, the original format and hierarchy of the entire file and folder structure are preserved throughout the process.

Furthermore, the aforesaid utility allows you to export the data in a variety of forms, including importing EML to Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, converting EML to HTML, and others. Now, in the section below, we’ll go over the steps needed to finish the assignment.

Reviewed the tool’s working process.

Follow these instructions to automatically convert EML to PDF with attachments while preserving all data. To complete the entire process, follow these steps:-

  • Download and install the app on your Windows computer.
  • Choose Folder or File mode, then Browse EML files.
  • Choose the Transfer PDF file from the Export options menu.
  • Use the Browse button to select an output location.
  • Press the Convert Now button.

“I hope that after using an automated solution, you will obtain an excellent answer to your challenges and questions. This software features an easy-to-use interface, and both technical and non-technical users may conduct this conversion with ease. We recommend that you use our software for the same.”

A qualitative one Verdict

In this article, we covered how to convert EML to PDF with Attachments. Using both manual and automatic solutions to complete this conversion procedure can greatly benefit you. The manual technique is simple, but it is tough for non-technical people and takes a long time to complete their jobs. Furthermore, the automated program is straightforward to use and does not require any technical skills. Now it is up to you to decide which option is best for you and your problems.

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