Implant Procedure: What to Expect from Dental Implants Dentist London

What to Expect from a Dental Implants Dentist in London

Missing teeth can ruin your smile and appearance, but they could be even more dangerous over time. They may cause bone degradation and cause muscle atrophy in your cheeks. Smile Clinic London recommends Best dental implants; artificial teeth are put in or near the jawbone if you want to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth can make a dent in your confidence and make for very awkward conversations in social settings.

But aside from the social implications, missing teeth can present some unexpected side effects in the long term. You may have seen people who have lost many teeth and have suffered muscle atrophy. Using treatment to fill out the place of the missing tooth isn’t just a cosmetic procedure; it also helps avoid specific health issues in the long term.

They are synthetic teeth surgically implanted in your jaw in place of the old tooth. The bone surrounding the implant forms over months, securing it in place. After that, replacement teeth are inserted with a metal link to the implant, filling the gap.

Dental implants of various types

Dental implants are classified into two types:

  1. Fused to the jaw bone

Such implants, also called Endosteal, have become the most common implant treatment over time. They are held in place by small screws in the jaw bone. That’s why they should be out of biocompatible material, such as titanium, to fuse with the bone and not cause an allergic reaction. Such reactions could prove fatal in worse cases. Endosteal implants are implemented to replace tooth roots for patients whose hearts are missing properties.

  • Implanted in the gums

Suppose your jawbone isn’t in conditions to support a synthetic tooth. Subperiosteally placed implants beneath the gum without being pierced into the jawbone. Instead of being injected into the bone, they are placed above or on top.

Dentures or bridges vs full implants

Dental implants aren’t for everyone, and they can be expensive if you need several teeth replaced. In some instances, complications may arise that render this procedure inappropriate for you. You can choose a less invasive method as well.

  • Total implant

If you require many teeth to be replaced, you may want to explore a whole mouth dental implant. This treatment is often known as an “all on four” or an “all on six,” which shows whether you have four or six implants for each arch. These implants are relatively more challenging to install and look natural in return. This operation is an alternative to traditional therapies like dentures.

  • Partial dentures

Dentures are sometimes known as fake teeth. They are removable and fit over the gums. These are some of the cheaper solutions available in the market, and admittedly they don’t have the looks of natural teeth. However, they can be easily removed and cleaned, and that combination had made them very popular in the eighties.

  • Dental Bridges

Bridges are another alternative for replacing missing teeth. It’s held in place by teeth on each gap side. These healthy teeth are frequently drilled down for a crown to be placed on top of them.

Drilling through the jawbone is not required for bridges. They are usually covered by most dental insurance programs and cost less than implants. However, they are more susceptible to damages and deterioration.

What Should You Expect During a Dental Implant Procedure?

Our expert at smile clinic London will prepare you for all the treatment steps. The implant can be installed in rare cases and the tooth (crown) put on the same day. 8 However, it is normal for the implant procedure to be carried out in a series of sessions spaced many months apart.

During the first phase, the surgical insertion of the implant, your mouth will be suitably numbed with a local anaesthetic, or you will be given IV sedation to prevent pain or discomfort.

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Your gums are cut open surgically, and the dentist inserts the implant root into your gums and then closes the wound.

You will recover at home and will most likely return in a few months for the second part of the therapy. This gives the bone ample time to form around the implant, making it strong enough to stay in place. This is known as Osseointegration, which means that the titanium merges with the bone.

  • Because each patient recovers differently, it may take up to six months to implant the replacement teeth. A patient may have everything put in a single appointment in rare cases.
  • Then, an abutment is placed in your mouth to hold the tooth; it is like a tiny screw.
  • When your gums have healed, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth and create a one-of-a-kind replacement tooth, known as a crown. After that, the crown is attached to the abutment.

Long-Term Dental Implant Care

Dental implants London aren’t like natural teeth because they are impervious to decay. So naturally, they don’t get plaque-like them. However, you still need to maintain your hygiene because your gums are prone to infection. Your previous dental hygiene routines are still applicable after dental implant surgery. Dental implants cannot degrade, but periodontal disease can injure them. Thus it is essential to practice routine dental care.

What is the best dental implants in London, United Kingdom?

A trained implant London dentist should be inserting more than 50 implants each year for years. An implant dentist would have to install almost 500 implants to attain perfection.

A well-qualified implant dentist would handle any problematic situations and easily carry them out. Many dentists who only dabble with implants may feel uneasy installing implants under challenging conditions and will commonly say things like, “There isn’t enough bone for implants.”

Our Implantologist handles all challenging scenarios and routinely performs procedures like bone augmentation, soft tissue grafting, and sinus lifts. If you are looking for a highly skilled Smile implants London dentist, give our team at The Smile Clinic London, Smile Dentist in London a call and we would be happy to help.

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