How Can we Extract TGZ File in Windows PST?

Are you using Windows Outlook but received TGZ files from a client and thus wondering how can we extract TGZ file in Windows PST with all the data items safely? Looking for a simplified and powerful solution for the same? No worries just read the section carefully and you will discover a method which will help you implementing the required task by converting TGZ to PST. But at first, let’s just understand why extracting TGZ to PST is difficult.

In today’s era, email communication plays an important role in our both personal and professional lives. Zimbra is one of the commonly used applications, popular for a user-friendly interface and exceptional features. However, there are instances when a user need to perform the conversion of the Zimbra files stored on a system. Although Zimbra has stopped the desktop service few years ago but there are some users who are still carrying some of its files and not able to access them in any other email platform like Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook has become quite famous among professionals these days. Many are utilizing it as a personal information manager because the email application perfectly organize and manage users’ daily emails, contacts, calendars, and other items. It offers many amazing beneficial features which makes the data management easier for all individuals and businesses. And like Zimbra, Microsoft Outlook exports the entire users’ database in PST (Personal Storage Table).

Therefore, many individuals encounter challenges whenever they think about extracting TGZ file in Windows PST.

How Can we Extract TGZ File in Windows PST? – Easy & Instant Method

The simplified and easy way to extract TGZ file in Windows PST is CubexSoft Zimbra to Outlook Converter Tool. The application is built with two options – Zimbra On-Premise Mailboxes and Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes. The Zimbra On-Premise Mailboxes allow users to extract TGZ files/folders/extracted TGZ items on the tool and Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes enable users to extract Zimbra Email Server emails into PST. Also, besides PST, one can extract TGZ file into 15+ other saving options.

CubexSoft Zimbra to PST Converter is programmed with a user-friendly interface that any technical or novice user can make use of to implement the necessary task effortlessly. The software also delivers remarkable features which users can apply as per their needs to obtain the required results. However, a free demo version of the application is also available with the help users can check the process for free.

Working Steps to Extract TGZ File to Windows PST

Step 1. Download, install, and run the app on your Windows.

Step 2. Select the first option and click Next to proceed.

Step 3. Go to Add File(s) button appearing on the top-left.

Step 4. Choose the necessary option to add required TGZ files/folders/extracted TGZ items on the tool.

Step 5. The software will scan and analyze Zimbra files and list the same on the left pane.

Step 6. Click on the required item and the application will show all its associated files on the right side of the screen.

Step 7. Choose the required file to read in a Preview window, if needed.

Step 8. Go to Export and click on the Select Saving Options to choose PST from the menu.

Step 9. Set the PST options according to the requirements and click on the Convert button.

Step 10. Check the live process.

Step 11. The conversion will complete successfully with a notification “Conversion Completed Successfully”.

Click on OK button and open Windows Outlook email account to import resultant files. And to implement the same, go through the steps mentioned below –

  1. Open Windows Outlook.
  2. Go to File, choose Open & Export and select Import/Export.
  3. Pick “Import from another program or file option”.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and tap Next.
  6. Click on the Browse button and add PST file path on your account. Simultaneously under Options, choose the necessary option and tap Next.
  7. Choose the folder to import from and set other options according to the requirements and click on the Finish button.

Now, Outlook will open its main email account window and on the left navigation pane, users will find imported PST files which will show the data with accurate content, layout and formatting properties.

So, users can use the solution without any doubt and extract TGZ file in Windows PST with precise emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

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In the write-up, we have discussed an extraordinary way to resolve “how can we extract TGZ file in Windows PST” with all the data items. CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is a verified utility that securely adds TGZ files on the tool and convert the same into PST without data loss. The application also delivers plentiful features which will help in extracting TGZ to PST according to specific requirements. And the best thing is, besides PST, it also includes 25+ saving options in which users can extract TGZ files. However, a free demo of the app is also available that allow users to understand the working of the software for free. It also allows to extract first 25 TGZ files into PST free of cost.

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