Important Facts About Modern Teeth Straightening with Invisible Braces

Important Facts About Modern Teeth Straightening with Invisible braces

Dental checkups at routine intervals are the best thing to do for every individual. But a large number of folks care for their oral health only when they are in considerable pain and discomfort. These days dentistry has become very advanced. Apart from bleeding gums and aching tooth patients of crooked teeth, bite misalignment, gapped teeth and others are getting their problems easily resolved.The problem of crooked teeth or teeth with improper alignment is mostly solved using braces. But life with braces is not very easy on many aspects. So, a large number of these patients keep asking their orthodontists to remove the braces early. But can braces be really taken off early?

Let’s find out what experts have to say about this.

Is it really possible to get your braces off early?

Orthodontic braces are by far the most reliable tool to straighten the teeth to make your smile more beautiful. In fact, teeth straightening procedure is getting more and more advanced as well as predictable with the flow of time.

With the introduction of clear or transparent aligners the treatment procedure has become more convenient for the larger section of patients. Metal wires and brackets that were used in the conventional treatment approach made people unnecessarily self-conscious causing embarrassment. Thanks to clear aligners that phase of uneasiness is now history.

Every orthodontic patient in this world expects their teeth to be perfectly aligned within the shortest period of time. In other words they want to remove their braces as early as possible. Based on the exact condition of your mouth an orthodontist makes a customized treatment plan. Before starting the treatment as per the plan he or she explains it to you and gives you an estimated timeline for the results to show up.

Here are few basic facts about this range of treatment plans.

  • The planned treatment aims at moving your teeth in a straight line.
  • You have to visit the practice from time to time as instructed.
  • Extra effort is crucial during these days to maintain optimum oral hygiene.
  • There is no guarantee that your braces will get removed early.

How the braces can be removed fast

Teeth straightening procedures are quite lengthy. You just cannot expect desired results overnight. Therefore, you have to be patient. Until and unless the teeth move and settle in their desired locations the treatment cannot be declared complete. You should know that teeth movement takes place in a couple of phases. In the first phase the teeth are moved to their new or desired positions. In the next phase it is ensured that they conveniently settle in their new positions permanently without sinking back to original positions. Facilitating fast movement of the teeth can be harmful in the long run.

However, there are certain measures that may help in removing the braces early. Let’s sum those points up in the following section.

  • If you maintain sound dental health and hygiene the teeth are more likely to move and settle down faster compared to weak, diseased teeth and gums.  
  • Never miss your scheduled appointments with the orthodontist.
  • Do not skip wearing any appliance that is given by the orthodontic specialist during the course of the treatment.
  • Avoid hard as well as sticky food items that are potentially dangerous for the braces. Any damage to the braces can extend the course of your treatment.
  • Take precautions so that your brackets do not get damage or broken for the same reason above.
  • Forget nasty habits like nail biting.
  • Avoid habits such as nail-biting, playing with the elastics on your braces or your braces themselves

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The Invisible braces London are remove and replaced with retainers only when the orthodontist is certain that the teeth won’t sink back to their original positions any more. If you are keen to remove the braces faster that may lead to the following setbacks.

  • Higher chances of the teeth sinking back to their initial positions
  • As the treatment remains incomplete, the teeth are left in improper positions
  • Teeth left in improper positions may fuel completely different oral health problems
  • Wastage of both time and money

Many practices ask patients to sign a form if they want to remove their braces early. The form clearly mentions the braces were remove before the completion of the treatment. It is important for you to understand that if you get the braces remove earlier that leads to higher chances of compromise oral health. You should never insist early removal of the braces for whatsoever reason.

Every teeth straightening treatment plan is unique and is uniquely customized depending the rate of progress. Some patients are asked to retain the braces longer even beyond the estimated time frame to avoid any chance of relapse. You must be aware of all these facts before investing in the treatment.

After removing the braces

The treatment aftercare procedure remains the same whether your braces are remove early or on time. A special plier is used to dismantle the braces off the teeth. The teeth surface is polish at this stage to get rid of dental glue. In the next step a thorough cleansing is done to remove any stuck food debris. This thorough polishing and cleansing negates the chances of plaque or calculus buildup if any.

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Orthodontic experts treating patients with invisible braces London at Chatfield Dental Braces, by Battersea Dentist point out measurement of both the upper and the lower jaw is also done at this stage. Based on those measurements your retainers are customized to fit perfectly into your mouth.

Those Clear retainers are basically trays made from acrylic fit to the upper and the lower jaws. Instead of acrylic another substance, name polyurethane is also use in making these orthodontic trays London. The function of the invisalign discount london , trays to hold the teeth back into their new positions preventing relapse.


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