Manual & Professional Method to Export VCF Contacts to Excel Sheet


In one word, this program teaches users the two methods for shifting and changing VCF contacts to an Excel sheet. The blog provides comprehensive instructions for exporting VCF contacts to an Excel spreadsheet. To find out the best and most straightforward way to convert VCF or vCard contacts to an Excel sheet, read the entire blog.


Method 1: Using Google Contacts to Convert a VCF File to MS Excel

  • Introduce vCard into Google Contacts in step one.
  • Step 2: Google Contacts should be exported to CSV.
  • Step 3: Use Microsoft Excel to convert CSV contacts to XLSX.

To convert a vCard file to an Excel XLSX file using Google Contacts, follow these three steps. Read through all of the instructions carefully, using screenshots taken in real time, if you are experiencing trouble completing these stages.

Step 1: Open Google Contacts and Import a vCard File

  • Select Google Contacts after logging into your Google account.
  • Choose the import option found under Google.
  • To see the vCard file, use the File option.
  • Click the Open button after selecting the vCard file.
  • Proceed by clicking the Import button.
  • The vCard import into Gmail is now underway.

Step 2: Google Contacts Export to CSV Excel Format

  • To export contacts, log in to Google Contacts and select Export.
  • Select the Export as Google CSV option and click the Export button.
  • Google Contacts can be exported to CSV format.
  • View the exported Google Contacts file with the CSV extension.

Convert CSV Contacts to XLSX Using Microsoft Excel in Step 3

  • To open the CSV in Excel, double-click on it.
  • Select the Excel program’s File >> Save As option.
  • Select Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) as the saving option after browsing the target path.
  • Once the CSV has been saved to an XLSX file, click the Save button.

Manual Techniques’ Drawbacks

  • One by one, you can export vCards to Excel sheets through a laborious procedure. Furthermore, there is no assurance that data will be secure, and even a tiny mistake might result in data loss.
  • To do this activity, a mediator such as Windows or Google Contacts must be used.
  • It takes considerable technical knowledge to complete this lengthy operation. So, there might be problems for non-technical people.

The Quickest and Safest Way to Export VCF Contacts to an Excel Spreadsheet

You can import & export VCF contacts to an Excel sheet quickly by using the GainTools Address Book Manager Tool. This application works with any Windows OS version, regardless of how old it is. Users can select files of any size and are not restricted by the amount of data. Both technical and non-technical users can import contacts from various files using this application. The program is really compact and takes up very little space on a Windows machine. This software is very easy to use and doesn’t require the download of any other software. Installing the free demo edition allows users to explore the capabilities of the program without having to pay any money.

Prime Features of the Offline Address Book Manager Software

  • Convert vCard Contacts in Mass to Excel: This program allows you to export contacts in mass from a VCF file to Excel. There are no restrictions on conversion. You can convert an unlimited number of vCard files to Excel.
  • Two Methods to Load VCF Data: There are two ways that you can bring vCard files into the toolkit so that they can be converted. While the “Select Folders” option allows you to load an entire folder of vCard files, the “Select Files” option allows you to import one or more vCard files. As a result, you can load many files at once.
  • Guarantees Data Integrity: During the VCF file conversion procedure, the solution preserves all of the data and metadata.
  • No Need to Open Another Application: Since this is a stand-alone program, you can convert vCard files to Excel sheets without opening another program.
    Retains Integrity Contact Details: When you import contacts into Excel from a vCard file, the application will store every contact detail, including full name, email address, job title, company, website, business address, business phone number, home phone number, business fax number, and mobile number.
  • Accepts All vCard File Versions: You can use this Address Book Manager with any version of vCard, including 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, and so on.
  • Secure Software Not Available Online: Software for Address Book Management Software that is offline operates without an Internet connection. Additionally, when converting a vCard to an Excel file, it doesn’t transfer any of your important data to the server. Therefore, as compared to other online VCF to Excel Converter programs, our utility is safer.

Gaining the Last Words,

The best methods for exporting or converting VCF contacts to an Excel sheet are available to users. The blog offers two methods for completing this assignment. Any method that swiftly exports VCF contacts to Excel can be used by users.


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