Must-Have Elements for Your EDDM Postcards

Direct Mail

EDDM enables you to mass-deliver a single EDDM postcard design to each household in the chosen neighborhood. Your mailer sketch and layout can make or break the campaign. However, it is important to ensure that the EDDM postcard conveys your brand and marketing message at the same time.

There are a few design elements that you should add to your EDDM postcards. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Company Logo

The logo is the first element you should include in the postcard. When placed in a prominent area, it increases the chances of it being noticed. The recipient of your EDDM postcardprintingneeds to be aware of where it has come from. Add another logo at the back of the mailer for improving brand recall. Make sure that the company logo does not overshadow your offer.

2. Headline

Your direct mail brochure needs to have a bold and clear headline that enables recipients to identify the primary idea of what the postcard is all about. It is better to use a bigger font size for the headline to separate it from the remaining text. Just by taking a look, your readers should have an idea about what you are promoting. Is it a restaurant, cleaning service, or spa?

3. Clear Message

You should establish why people to choose select you over your competitors. You must have a clear understanding of why you are sending out the mailer and what you would like to accomplish with it. Your EDDM postcard should signify more than ‘I want your business’. Sure, it is the ultimate goal, but try digging deeper.

Do you want to bring awareness to families with adults? Or do you just want to introduce yourself to the neighborhood? You might want people to know that you want to corporate clients. There might be a specific product that you would prefer selling more. No matter what is your goal, you shouldn’t be afraid to let people know.

4. Graphics

You need to choose a graphic that’s easy to understand and goes with your headline for your direct mail brochure printing. An attractive graphic will reinforce the message and also grab attention. For instance, if you are in a real-estate business looking to secure people to list their homes, you can reinforce the message with a picture of a property with a visible and clear ‘SOLD’ sign.

5. Offer

People love a good deal. In case you offer a discount or coupon, people might be more responsive. You can put an expiration date on the coupon. Even if it is a discount that you always provide, add an expiry date of a couple of weeks after they have received the coupon.

When you add a sense of urgency, it will make people act faster, rather than putting away the postcard for later, thinking they will get around to it. As we all know, they don’t get around to it.

6. Branding Colors

Colo psychology is used as a means of persuasion. Experts use color shades that are relevant to their primary message. While the EDDM postcard you are distributing should be able to grab attention, it does not mean you should only use bright colors. Sure, colors are subjective to each individual, but the assorted perception for each color tint elicits an emotion within your recipients. For instance, pink is associated with femininity, and blue is used for conveying calmness.

7. Call to Action

After you have added all the information on the EDDM postcard, follow it with a call to action. Let your target customers know what you would want them to do after they are done reading the postcard. Would you like them to check out your website or call you for more information. Make it clear to your target audience.

8.      Contact Information

How would you like your customers to get in touch with you? Would you like them to bring the postcard to your store? Or would you want them to visit your site or call? No matter what you decide, make sure you add the contact details on your EDDM postcard.

When you are printing EDDM postcards for your marketing campaign, you need to make sure they contain all the important elements. Click to find out about these elements.

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