Suitable Technologies to Merge/Combine VCF Contacts Files in One File


Discover how to combine many files into a single VCF contacts by reading this blog post. Organizing several files on a computer is a tedious operation that is never easy to do. Some users save their files in many locations, making it difficult for them to locate them quickly when they need them. For this reason, storing a single file is preferable to saving several of them.

User Question: I want to combine about 150 VCF files that I have on my computer since handling them is getting extremely hard. When I need it, I can never find the correct contact file. To make managing all of the files easier, I now wish to merge these files into one. Please assist me with that, even if I have no idea how to accomplish it. Keep in mind that I cannot afford to lose even a small amount of data. Regards ahead of time!

Considering the user inquiry described above, other people are experiencing similar issues. We are discussing ways to resolve this situation.

Learn the Methods For Combining Many Files into a Single VCF File

Although all of these techniques are effective and helpful, some people might not be able to grasp one or two of them, which is why we have provided you with an option. The contact files can be combined using any of these methods. While the manual procedure could take longer than necessary, the first solution will merge the files instantly and without wasting any time. This is because these techniques work best when merging a small number of files, not large ones. Utilizing these techniques to merge files in large quantities might result in data loss or manipulation. Now let’s begin the process of creating a single VCF file from several files.

Algorithm 1: An Immediate Way to Merge the Contact Files

Your only chance to combine contact files in bulk without erasing any information or changing them is with this solution. All you need to do to combine several files into one is download the DataVare Address Book Manager Tool. After the file merging process, you can selectively combine the contacts and maintain the security and integrity of all contact information. Users can merge or combine VCF Contacts files into one file.

All vCard versions’ vCard files can be combined using this program. All of the contacts are available in a single vCard file, and it provides the ability to merge an enormous number of VCF files into a single file. Let’s examine this tool’s operation.

How Can I Use the Program to Combine Several Files into a Merge VCF file?

  • Start the program and use a local computer to run it. Select the Add Folder menu item.
  • To add the files, locate the folder they are in and click the Open button. Allow the program to examine the files.
  • Press the Export button to get started with the procedure.
  • Select the vCard version by clicking on the Advance Settings option after choosing the Merge vCard option.
  • After selecting a destination path with the Browse button, select Export.
  • To finish the merging process, you simply need to follow these steps. An export report of the merging task is available for download to your preferred location in CSV file format. 
Address Book software

Remarkable & Wonderful Quality of This Application:

  • You can utilize any Windows OS to run the program.
  • Data corruption is not a possibility at all.
  • Users can save time and effort by merging VCF contacts.
  • You can combine VCF contacts without downloading additional tools or applications.
  • Selectable VCF contact files can be seen by users.
  • Merging VCF connections will take some time.
  • The tool can also split single VCF contacts into multiple parts.
  • The application also exports VCF contacts to PST, OST, MSG, NSF, CSV and Excel file format without any other tool.

Finishing Remarks

This article covers the many techniques for combining several files into a single VCF file. The manual technique works well for merging a small number of files, but it could be more practical for merging large files. Users wish to combine the files to manage the files more effectively and locate them whenever needed. With the program, merging the files will be a simple and effective job with no chance of data tampering or loss.

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