Proven Modes to Merge/Combine Multiple Small VCF Contacts in One


Users Query About Process: Hey, I am Alberico Insigne, and I am seeking a validated strategy to mix various. merge many VCF contact files into one VCF file. I refuse to use any internet tools because I am concerned about privacy. Would you kindly propose an efficient method to carry out VCF merging? Thank you.

Introduction: You will learn a great deal about “how to combine multiple VCFs into one” from this blog. Therefore, adhere to the directions provided below if you need to combine several VCF files into one. The blog provides complete information on how to join multiple single VCF contact files into one using the two efficient methods. Read the complete blog to learn more about the methods.


Have You Ever Wondered Why Combining Several VCF Files into One is Essential?

Keeping all the contacts in one location can be facilitated by combining many VCF files into one. so that handling several files won’t be tough. In addition, sending a single VCF as an email attachment or in any other manner is quite simple.

How to Combine Every VCF File Into One: A Free and Paid Approach

There are two ways for us to jumble those VCF files. To begin with, make a folder on your computer. Put all of your VCF or vCard files into a newly created folder. Now, adhere to these easy steps:

Manual Approaches for Joining VCF Files

  • First, press the computer’s Start button.
  • Next, choose Command Prompt.
  • Choose Run as administrator when you right-click on it after that.
  • The kind where your vCard files disappear in the Command Line.
  • Proceed to open the folder containing your vCard files.
  • Enter the following code now: “copy *.vcf xyz combined vCard.vcf” (insert the desired name for your huge vCard here; replace “xyz combined vCard”).

Which Technique should I use for Combining Numerous VCF Files into One?

An effective method for merging/Combining Multiple Small VCF Contacts in One is to use the WholeClear vCard Merger Tool. Due to its ability to execute VCF merging in offline mode, it is also the most secure solution. The program will liberate you from any concerns regarding data loss and produce combined contact files that contain all of the original material without losing a single bit of it. For a general understanding, users can choose to use its free demo. Every Windows operating system version is compatible with this application. Later in the post, we will examine every component of the VCF Merger App. Before I go, allow me to explain how the recommended program can be used to quickly combine multiple.VCF files into a single.VCF file.

How to Merge Several VCFs into One: Operational Procedures

  • On your Windows computer, download and install the VCF merging program.
select vcf files
  • Next, add directories and files as needed.
  • Click the “Remove” and “Remove All” buttons to deselect any superfluous files.
select output destination
  • Click on the vCard Merge option that is now available.
  • Click Export after selecting a particular destination route.
click on process now

Each Part and Benefits of the vCard Merger Software

  • You can upload many types of files using the recommended VCF Merger Tool.
  • With a few clicks, it allows you to combine numerous VCF files into one.
  • Additionally, it is a time-saving method because vCard merging just takes a few seconds to 
  • complete.
  • Not only is it the simplest approach, but anyone with no technical knowledge can use it.
  • You can select files with this app based on your preferences.
  • And the app’s most beneficial feature is that contact information is preserved just as it is.
  • During the merger, every contact field—including name information, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.—stays the same.
  • Additionally, vCard files can be used from a variety of sources, including email applications, email servers, Android and iPhone cellphones, etc.
  • Any size and height of the vCard file can be loaded.

How to Concatenate Several VCF Contacts into One? : Finalized

Finally, I would like to inform you that even if you are not a technical person, you can use this program to easily combine several VCFs into one. Install vCard Utility on your Windows system now. It works with all editions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 11, and others. Learn how to combine many vCard (.VCF) files into a single VCF file for free by using the tool’s five VCF file samples.


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