How to Import PST File in Thunderbird without Outlook?

how to import pst file in thunderbird without outlook

Users are increasingly facing the problem of how to import PST files into Thunderbird without using Outlook. A rising number of people are using Thunderbird email programs, which is why. With its immediate email feature and data storage capabilities, it has now grown to be a highly popular platform.

Thunderbird is a free desktop-based email client, which is the primary reason for using it. To save mailbox data, Thunderbird does support the MBOX format.

Hi, I’m using my old computer to access Microsoft Outlook 2010. There were a lot of problems with the computer. Therefore, I purchased a brand-new Windows 10 PC. I’ve set up the Thunderbird email client on this machine. The PST from the previous account has already been exported. The issue, though, is that you need Outlook in order to import PST files into Thunderbird. Is there a way for all of the data to be imported? I need your assistance to fix this, please.

Proceed to the following section if you are among those who would like to import all of the data.

Reasons to Open Thunderbird and Import PST Files Without Outlook

  • Outlook is typically a paid email program; Thunderbird is an open-source, free email client.
  • All users will find Thunderbird’s interface to be straightforward and error-free, making it an easy tool to use.
  • Some believe that Thunderbird respects privacy more and is safer.
  • Outlook can only produce PST, MSG, and OST files, which are exclusive to Outlook;
  • Thunderbird can produce MBOX files, which can be opened by other email clients.

How Can I Manually Import a PST File into Thunderbird?

To complete this assignment, we will employ two manual techniques. Read everything before you do, and then take the instructions. Both approaches are covered in depth below.

First Approach: Using Thunderbird

  1. Launch the email client Thunderbird.
  2. Select the Tools >> Import… menu item.
  3. From the list, select Import from Outlook.
  4. Enter the necessary information (if prompted).
  5. Once Thunderbird has connected to your account, you may use the Move To key to move emails from the associated Outlook account.

Use the second way to import PST to Thunderbird if the first one does not work for you. Below is a detailed explanation of each step.

Second Approach: Using a Gmail account

Here are the three actions we need to take: link Gmail to Outlook in order to transfer emails there, and then export emails as MBOX. The exported file will then be imported into Thunderbird. Each stage is described in full below.

First, link your Gmail account.

Important Note: Create an app password and enable IMAP access before linking your Gmail account.

  1. Launch an Outlook account.
  2. Select the Add Account tab under File.
  3. Enter your Gmail account login information.
  4. In the end, press the Finish button.

To import PST to Thunderbird, drag and drop your emails from your Outlook account to your linked Gmail account.

#1. Export Outlook PST as MBOX from Gmail

  1. Activate your Google Takeout account.
  2. Press the Deselect All button.
  3. After selecting the necessary information, such as Mail, click the Next button.
  4. Select the destination, frequency, file size and type, etc.
  5. To begin the procedure, click the Create Export option.

You can now save your emails in MBOX format. Importing this file into the Thunderbird account will come next.

#2. Open Thunderbird and import PST as MBOX.

Important Reminder: You need to add ImportExportTools NG to your Thunderbird account.

  1. Create an account on Thunderbird.
  2. To access ImportExportTools NG, select Tools >> Choose to Import MBOX Files
  3. Select the option to Import One or More MBOX Files.
  4. Examine and import the exported MBOX file into Thunderbird.
  5. And you’ve completed the procedure of opening a PST in your Thunderbird account.

However, manual techniques have several limitations, all of which are listed here.

Cons of Manual Techniques

  • You need to install Thunderbird on your computer.
  • In order to complete the procedure, users must follow various stages.
  • Moreover, while linking the accounts, numerous problems will show.

Expert Method for Importing PST Into Thunderbird Without Outlook

The CubexSoft PST Converter tool is advised for a seamless and trouble-free PST file import into Thunderbird. Using this standalone application, users can easily convert their PST emails into a format compatible with Thunderbird without sacrificing any of their data. Furthermore, the tool’s user-friendly interface makes it possible for a non-technical person to finish the file conversion process without running into any technical issues.

We will outline every step involved in completing this assignment in this article. On your Windows PC, you must download the necessary software for this. The program offers two selection options so that you can upload more than one PST file. The program also offers an auto-locate option that loads an Outlook-configured mailbox into the interface. We shall go over this tool’s entire operation in the part that follows.

It is free to download this PST to Thunderbird Converter, which also supports email services and more than 20 different file formats. It imports PST to Gmail, converts PST to PDF, outputs the data in them, and exports PST to MSG, EMLX, and other formats.


I hope you have a clear understanding of the entire data import procedure. We have covered every step of the PST import into Thunderbird without Outlook in this article. The solutions listed above are simple to apply and don’t require a lot of technical expertise.

Furthermore, users can simply proceed with this solution and accomplish the required outcomes, in contrast to all other options available on the Internet. You can import the first 25 emails from each folder at once by using the sample version of this PST to Thunderbird Converter.

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